Track 8 – Sustainable Investment: Hotel Investment (8A) & Green Clean Cities (8B)

Track 8 – Sustainable Investment: Hotel Investment (8A) & Green Clean Cities (8B)

Track 8: Sustainable Investment
The ASEAN region bucked the trend in 2014, with a 5% increase in foreign direct investment (FDI) while global FDI fell 16%. “Developing Asia”, which includes parts of the GMS, did even better, welcoming 9% more FDI. However, not all investment is sustainable. This track looks at opportunities in the GMS, challenges in certain markets, and ways to put appropriate policies in place to ensure a balanced and sustainable investment climate.

Luang Prabang View Hotel's Som View, a MTF 2017 Host Venue

Luang Prabang View, a MTF 2017 Host Venue

Session 8A: Hotel Investment

Facilitator: Robert Hecker, Horwath HTL & Charles Blocker, IC Partners
Experts: Anchalika Kijkanakorn, AKARYN Hoel Group / Rei Matsuda, Kokotel Thailand / Stefan Wolf, FavStay / Victor Pang, Accor Hotels / Marco Julià Eggert, FCC Hotels & Restaurants / Bounkham (Khoa) Chaleunphol, Kiridara Hotel Luang Prabang & Nahm Dong Park / Eric Ricaurte, Greenview

The is now more demand for authentic and boutique accommodation experiences in the GMS. What are the investment opportunities in the hotel sector, and what are the markets that have the greatest potential? This session will reveal key trends, opportunities, challenges, and risks that could tamper future hotel investment.

Luang Prabang View Hotel – The Luang Prabang View Hotel truly lives up to its name, boasting a commanding view of the heritage town. The hotel’s construction began in 2007; a multi-million-dollar project that took three years to complete. The property’s striking Som View Restaurant enjoys the same great views from its temperature-controlled interior or breezy outdoor setting.


Grand, a MTF 2017 Host Venue

Grand Hotel’s Le Bistrot, a MTF 2017 Host Venue

Session 8B: Clean-Green Cities

Facilitator: Andreas Hoffman, GIZ
Experts: Nancy Kim, Asia Foundation / Christian de Boer, Jaya House Siem Reap / Derin Henderson, The Asia Foundation / Champa Lattanasouvannaphonh, UDAA

The development of clean and green cities is becoming more important as tourism numbers increase, and waste becomes a burden. There are initiatives to ban plastic bags and single-use water bottles and to conserve and recycle water – a few organisations are driving important projects – yet more needs to be done. This session will debate how travel operators can adopt and implement such programs, and learn from best practices.

Grand Hotel Luang Prabang – The 75-room Grand Luang Prabang Hotel proudly sits on the banks of the Mekong River with a view of the mountains surrounding Luang Prabang. The resort resides on the 59,000-sq m estate of the Xiengkeo Palace, which belonged to the Lao nationalist hero Prince Phetsarath. The stand-alone Le Bistrot overlooks the Mekong and offers a comfortable setting for the interactive Forum session.