MTF 2017 Keynote Speech 1: Prosper with Purpose

07 Jun 2017
10:30 - 11:00
Central Bank

MTF 2017 Keynote Speech 1: Prosper with Purpose


Passion + Purpose = Prosperity!


Speaker: Anna Pollock – Founder, Conscious.Travel


Up until a decade or so ago, the purpose of business was never questioned – it was simply to generate a profitable return for shareholders. In less than a decade, those core beliefs have shifted radically and smart tourism enterprises and destinations are tapping into a growing desire of guests to buy from and employees to work for companies that can communicate not just what they sell but what they stand for. By serving a purpose higher than the bottom line, they unleash the passion of their employees and satisfy their guest’s search for meaning and fulfillment. Rising destinations also have the opportunity to differentiate themselves by demonstrating how tourism genuinely benefits the broader host community.


Sponsored by Exo Foundation


Venue: Central Bank