Mekong Tourism Sector Strategy Open Forum

06 Jun 2017
13:00 - 14:00
Sanakeo Boutique

Mekong Tourism Sector Strategy Open Forum

Moderated by:

Steven Schipani, ADB & Jens Thraenhart, MTCO

In 2004-2005, at the request of the GMS TWG and with the support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), a GMS Tourism Sector Strategy (GMS TSS) was formulated. The strategy envisioned the GMS as a single destination, with strong focus on culture, nature and adventure. The intention of the strategy was to inspire not only the governments of the subregion, but also all its stakeholders, particularly in the tourism industry, to promote a sustainable development of tourism, respectful of its people, and cultures, enhance and protect its unique natural and cultural heritage, and fostering poverty alleviation schemes. Finally, the strategy delivered a truly unique Mekong brand of tourism that showcases the subregion’s incomparable beauty, diversity, and spirit, and brings its people a better quality of life.

The GMS Tourism Sector Strategy was updated in 2016. We invite travel and tourism executives to join the Mekong Tourism Sector Strategy Open Forum to brainstorm how the tourism strategy could be effectively implemented over the next 10 years.

The session will give a summary of the new GMS Tourism Sector Strategy 2016-2025, and how it connects with the GMS Experience Mekong Tourism Strategy 2015-2020; some of our Mekong Stories and Mekong Trends initiatives, such as Mekong Moments and the Mekong Responsible Tourism Guide, as well as our Mekong Tourism Contributor Program and our e-Library on Finally, we will have a an open forum for all delegates to discuss the current issues and future opportunities and challenges.


Venue: Sanakeo Boutique Luang Prabang

Planning for Sanakeo Boutique commenced in early 2010. The property was ready for service in early 2016. From the website: “The hotel has a well arrangement of layout, consisting sacred garden zone, swimming pool & bar zone, a quiet accommodation zone and sparkling reception area to welcoming all guests. The looks of the interior and exterior of the hotel are consisting of two tones differential. The interior represent a warm golden tone and exterior represent a dark walnut matching the Luang Prabang world heritage town.” Website: